What We Do: Applied Tutoring LLC is Tuscaloosa, Alabama’s premier Tutoring and Test Preparation Service for students in High School, College, and Graduate School.

Who We Are: A prerequisite for all of our tutors is that they have completed or are nearing completion of their Master’s or Doctoral degree, or have glowing academic recommendations from faculty in any course that they tutor. Our tutors must also have experience tutoring and display a masterful articulation of the language and concepts in which they have chosen to teach.

I am sending my room mate to you guys for OM 300. I told him you helped so much in English Comp and Stats 260 that you probably have a great tutor for Operations Management too.

-- Anthony McGreer, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa) Undergraduate Business Student

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Why Students Come To Us: There are many options out there for supplementary learning, but only Applied Tutoring offers extended, flexible and cost-effective access to University of Alabama PhDs, Graduate Students, Campus Facilities, Course Study Guides, Remote Scheduling-and-Payment, and Distance -Learning Solutions. Our services have been endorsed by The University of Alabama’s Faculty and are hailed as “invaluable” by our current students because we: