We hire qualified, recommended tutors who can offer the most one-on-one, effective, and personalized approach to tutoring to our customers.

our history

Applied Tutoring LLC was established in March 2011 after two MBA students, Curt Peinhardt & Dr. Whitney Hough, won startup capital in The University of Alabama’s 2011 Business Concept Pitch Competition. As an agency which represents more than 25 world-class graduate tutors, we are focused on providing a superior supplemental learning experience to help students achieve their career and graduation goals. With the support of UA Panhellenic sororities and fraternities, we are conducting a cutting-edge study hall program for new members and actives. We also tutor and council incoming high school students wishing to improve their ACT or SAT scores for college admission. Applied Tutoring is an independent startup in UA’s Bama Technology Incubator, and the company is not directly affiliated with The University of Alabama.

our leadership


curt peinhardt, MBA

Prior to graduating from the MBA Program in May 2012, Curt was a Graduate Ambassador, an MBA Scholarship Student, and an AIME Graduate Assistant at the University of Alabama’s Manderson School of Business. He is the winner of the 2012 Outstanding Business Ethics Award from the Academic Honor Council. He completed his Bachelor’s Degree at The University, and has five years of full-time management and marketing experience in the Tutoring, Market Materials Printing, & Real Estate Industries. In his free time, he is a Visiting Scholar, mentoring UA technology startups at The University, and he is also a writer/contributor for Mental_Floss Magazine.


Whitney Hough, pHd

Whitney has a PH.D. in Chemistry and an MBA from The University of Alabama. She has 5 years experience in tutoring both high school and college-level students. She works as a Graduate Assistant in AIME on The University of Alabama’s campus. As an “Entrepreneur in Residence”, she bridges the gap between science and business. She enjoys cooking and working out in her free time.

Thank you so much! You helped me raise my GMAT score 60 points! I got in the MAC program!
— Paige Wills, University of Alabama Senior